So, General Patraeus is going to make a report to the White House next month to tell President Bush how the surge in Iraq is going. Patraeus is a busy man, and as we all know, he’s not actually going to sit down all by himself and write a report. He’s going to have some help.

The White House is helping him. Er, actually the White House is writing the report for him. The White House is writing the report that Patraeus is going to give the White House on the surge. Patraeus is going to turn in to the White House a report that the White House is writing for him and will give to him to turn in to them.

I can keep writing this over and over again, but you get the picture.

Wait, it gets better! Not only is the White House going to write Patraeus’s report for him, they’re going to keep him from testifying in Congress!

It’s like they don’t even care how it looks anymore. I swear the Bush administration is turning into Britney Spears.