This explains it… Oy. Couple this with the ups and downs of career and relationships…

You know, none of us will ever know we’re dead, and from time to time, that sure is a pleasant thought compared to what’s in the here and now.

Whether they are mourning the passing of their prime or struggling to cope with the demands of a job and young family, those aged 35-44 invariably hit a mid-life crisis when their happiness level plunges lower than at any other age, according to a study for the Government.

It makes them the least satisfied members of society, scoring well below teenagers, the elderly – and women of all ages.

Researchers found that it takes men until they reach the age of 65 to start enjoying life as much as they did in their late-teens and early-20s.

But sometimes, good things happen, like Karl Rove resigning. And there’s always the possibility that I might win the lottery.