Can someone pass a note along to the producers of “Last Comic Standing”? They did this last year too — they keep saying that the Alex Theatre is in Hollywood. It’s not. It’s in Glendale. Glendale is a bona fide town, not even officially part of L.A., and certainly not part of Hollywood.

I realize they say that because “Hollywood” sounds sexier for the middle-America couch potato audience. Okay, I’m a couchie too, but still.

When KBIG was in Glendale, I walked by the Alex every day for lunch, on my way to find Nemo in my sushi. I found him often. I digress. And digest.

The producers of “American Idol” were similarly geographically challenged when they held auditions at the Alex… they kept saying “Live from the historic Alex Theatre in Los Angeles!” I remember the lines there one day… and that one smelly guy who ran up to me and screamed in my face, “I CAN SING DAWG!” Yes, I’m sure you can, but get the hell out of my way. Nemo is waiting for me with some low sodium soy sauce.