It was certainly ambiguous. We’re led to believe that Tony looks up right as Meadow walks into the restaurant. And we’re led to believe that Tony’s story doesn’t end… “Don’t stop–” indeed.

Well, I thought it was the most frustrating thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I yelled at David Chase in absentia for about 10 minutes.

15 minutes later I thought it was the most brilliant thing I’d seen

One theory is that the suspicious-looking guy came out of the bathroom and shot him. And since the story is Tony’s, his ending came suddenly without his even realizing he’s been shot. That hearkens back to a scene early in the series where Tony discusses what being whacked might feel like. His answer? Sudden, not knowing what hit you. Such was the ending of the final scene.

Or, things continue as before. Who knows for sure? Maybe not even David Chase.

But something occurred to me… The scene was so banal, yet filled with tension. Those of us who were fans of the show just KNEW something was coming. Those suspicious looking characters… hit men? FBI agents ready to take him down? Was Meadow about to be run over?

So for about five minutes WE WERE TONY SOPRANO. Enjoying a night out eating onion rings in a New Jersey diner… but always looking over your shoulder, waiting for the hit, or the arrest, with an indictment hanging over your head…

When I realized that, I realized the scene was brilliant.

I also thought it was interesting that AJ and Meadow, who’d resisted Tony’s lifestyle for the entire series, seemed to be getting sucked in willingly at the end, Meadow obviously on her way to becoming a mob lawyer, and AJ riding mob connections to a career in the movies.

At least Phil Leotardo got whacked. But good.