Cat blogging for the weekend

(A cat stretches on a glass door in the animal shelter in Berlin Tuesday, June 26, 2007. The new animal home in the German capital is one of the largest and most modern institutions of this kind worldwide. Every year, about 12,000 animals in difficulties are rescued by the Berlin animal welfare activists.) (AP Photo/Fritz Reiss)

Green sex toys

Should you be afraid if your favorite sex toy turns green?

If you’re environmentally minded, it might make you happy.

(I love the part of the article that explains the “new car smell” and how we can get that from sex toys too. Is that why climbing into a brand new car makes some women horny?)

We’ll always have… oh, never mind

Gratuitous Paris Hilton photo
I just heard that NBC is going to pay Paris Hilton one million dollars (cue shot of Dr. Evil’s pinky going to his lips here) for her first post-jail interview when she gets out.

Um… because she needs the money?

The future of Jon Stewart

I was a huge fan of The Daily Show from it’s very first episode, way back when Craig Kilborn was the host. When he left, I thought no one else would do as well with it. Boy, was I wrong.

Jon Stewart turned it into an absolutely essential part of Monday through Thursday night. If I miss an episode, I feel like I’m out of touch with what’s REALLY going on in the world. And now that it’s followed up by the funniest show on television — The Colbert Report — I constantly make sure my DVR’s are in working order so they never miss them.

But what if Jon left The Daily Show? Where would he go? Obviously, it would be to something bigger… Could it be the prime late night NBC slot right after the Tonight Show?

Jon’s deal with Comedy Central is up in 2008. Conan O’Brien leaves his show in 2009 and is expecting to take over from Leno. And if NBC opts to keep Leno, Conan will leave the network anyway, so the late night slot is open, and Newsday is reporting that NBC has been wining and dining Jon.

Is 12:30am a topic of discussion? Would Jon be as successful hosting a talk show instead of a fake news show? He tried it before on Fox, replacing Arsenio Hall, and it didn’t last very long. And what would happen to The Daily Show? Would Colbert break character and return as host? Or would one of the current crop of “senior correspondents” be given the anchor chair?

Michael Moore’s "Sicko" on Oprah

“Sicko” is going to be THE water-cooler movie this year. Even Fox News is praising it — and we’re talking about Michael Moore! This only shows that this is a topic that crosses party lines, and no matter how far right or how far left you are, this is something you need to be concerned about. This is something that needs to be fixed.

Moore appeared on Oprah recently. You can see an interview with him and see exclusive clips from the documentary here.

The movie opens June 29.