Want to do something about high gas prices?

Some people are planning a “gas boycott” Tuesday, May 15. The bad news is, this will accomplish absolutely nothing.

You see, you can boycott gas on one day, but you’re still using the same amount of gas you always use… you’re just shifting a purchase one day to another day. And that makes no difference to Big Oil. They’re just laughing at you because they know that you’re going to use as much gas as you usually use.

And therein lies the secret.

Want to send the oil companies a message they’ll hear?


Here are some ways how:



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  1. Video from CBS on why this is a lousy idea: http://thenewsroom.com/details/303326/Local(incidentally, you can grab the code and embed that video on your site free of charge – check it out!)Another reason why this is a bad idea: most c-store managers will barely notice the spikes on Monday and Wednesday or the drop on Tuesday. M-W is the slow part of the week for them anyway.Targeting the middleman isn’t going to work anyway – their prices are determined by what they pay the oil companies. They just try to keep their profit margin at a couple cents per gallon.


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