The coolest thing I’ve seen this year: The "table" computer

Alright you Microsoft haters, say what you will about them, but this is freakin’ cool:

It’s a computer that’s built into the surface of a table that responds to touch and hand movements, just as if you were working with actual documents and pictures on a table.

See a demo of it here:

There’s a lot about the 21st Century that’s disappointing to this child of the sixties who grew up with science fiction. Where are the flying cars? Cities on the moon? But the “table PC” is cooler than anything I’ve seen on Star Trek.


“Lost” season finale last night… This one gets a “double awesome.”

Plot holes? Do plot holes really apply to a show like “Lost”?

Nice twist on the flashback this time. It didn’t dawn on me until the last scene, and boy does it raise a lot more questions. In fact, there were hardly any revelations in this season’s finale, not like last year’s, but this was so well done I didn’t care.

Oh, and Hurley rocks in this one. Hard.

No static at all

If you can wait a couple trillion years, your broadcast radio and TV will have no static at all. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the science of cosmology will disappear, and the visible universe will shrink to only our local cluster of galaxies. This is all thanks to our expanding universe, when the Doppler effect will make galaxies invisible to us and the cosmic background radiation disappear.

Hiro worship

Season finale of “Heroes” last night… Awesome.

Okay, so there were a few minor plot holes, but hey, it’s a TV show about superheroes.

Oh, and Hiro is now one of my all time favorite characters. Can’t wait for next season.

Fighting back against Big Oil

Want to do something about high gas prices?

Some people are planning a “gas boycott” Tuesday, May 15. The bad news is, this will accomplish absolutely nothing.

You see, you can boycott gas on one day, but you’re still using the same amount of gas you always use… you’re just shifting a purchase one day to another day. And that makes no difference to Big Oil. They’re just laughing at you because they know that you’re going to use as much gas as you usually use.

And therein lies the secret.

Want to send the oil companies a message they’ll hear?


Here are some ways how: