Please indulge me in a bit of geekiness.

Star Trek TOS returns to broadcast television this week with an extensive digital face-lift. CBS Paramount Domestic Television is digitally remastering all 79 episodes of the original series to enhance the show’s 60s-era visual effects with 21st-century CGI.

Digitally created images will replace the scale models used for exterior shots of the spaceships.

Galaxies and planets also will be touched up to give them greater depth. The flat matte paintings used as backdrops on planet surface sets will be enhanced to add texture, atmosphere and lighting.

A friend of mine said that TOS was “sacrosanct” and shouldn’t be messed with. I replied, Trekkie though I am, that it’s still just a TV show, the originals will always be there, and that I was still interested in seeing how it’ll look.

After all, the TVs we have today are infinitely better than the ones they had in the 60s. And recently rewatching some of the episodes on DVD on my LCD big screen was impossible without being distracted by things like — oh, Spock’s plastic ears about to fall off.