Classic bits

This one comes from WPLL Planet Radio in Miami, about 1997 I think. Yours Truly and my good friend Barry from Human Resources discuss, during a contest, what does and doesn’t constitute a “good guess.”

More about unemployment

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that employers initiated 1,097 mass layoffs in June 2006, causing 119,662 U.S. workers to lose their jobs for at least 31 days. Mass-layoff events increased by 23 and the number of initial unemployment claims increased by 9,804 from May. At 311, the most notable mass layoffs were again in the manufacturing sector.

"You’ve got pink slips!"

AOL is getting ready to lay off 5000 people, or a quarter of its workforce, over the next six months.

So many lives. CBS Radio laid off about a hundred people a few weeks ago. A few months before that Clear Channel, my old company, had rounds of layoffs. Westwood One just had a round, about another hundred or so people.

Where will they go? I can tell you the job market is tight — at least, if you want to maintain just a bit of your lifestyle or keep a minimum of your bills paid.

I was relatively lucky. We still had a little money and I was paid pretty damn good for what I did. But many of these others now out or about to be out pounding pavements aren’t so fortunate, and this is a hard, hard time to be out of work. Layoffs are happening in every industry, in every field.

Tell you what. I’m going to win the lottery. Maybe not this week. Maybe next. Or the one after that. Definitely before September is up. I’m going to take those millions and establish a fund for my friends if and when they’re unlucky enough to get the axe just to make a corporate profit sheet look a little better for the shareholders.

And we’ll have a party.

BYOB, of course. Hey, booze ain’t cheap.